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All images on this website are copyright to Maria Kuny Photography. Any images bought for personal use must not be copied in any way without permission of Maria Kuny Photography.

Negatives / digital files remain the property of The Photographer.

The Photographer may display any photographs on her website, portfolio,  exhibitions or slide shows.

No photographs will be delivered until all payments due have been paid in full.

I reserve the right to change the Terms & Conditions at any time. If you are unsure of anything or have any questions then do not hesitate to contact me.


The quote will be based on information provided by the client. Where applicable, the quote will detail the following:

  • Photographer’s attendance times

  • Licensing and copyright details

  • Specifications for image formats and file sizes

  • Client approval

  • Location(s) of photography

  • Photographic fees and charges

Client acceptance of the quote is required by return email prior to the commencement of the photography.

Before the Photoshoot


An agreed non-refundable deposit is required to secure your booking, and direct debit is the preferred method of payment of your deposit. Payment is required in full before or on the day the shoot commences unless otherwise agreed. The balance owing may be paid in cash or via direct debit on the day. Images will not be released until full payment has been made unless agreed otherwise.

Session payment is non-refundable once the session time has begun. If you are unable to make your session, please let me know at least 72 hours before the shoot and we can postpone until a more favorable day and time. If on the day of the shoot you’re unavailable (or I arrive and you don’t turn up) then the entire session fee will still be payable in full.


The day of the photoshoot

I cannot guarantee the weather on the day of the shoot. I will always work with the available light (on a location shoot). If the weather is not conducive to a photoshoot on the day or does not suit the theme you have chosen, we will discuss options such as relocating, working with the conditions, or postponing.

Licensing and copyright details

Generally, copyright of images created by Maria Kuny will remain the property of Maria Kuny Photography. As a paying customer, you own the rights to duplicate or use images in the manner you wish. Many people use Facebook as a means of social networking and communication. Unless indicated otherwise, I will assume that I have your permission to post samples of your final photos on my Facebook page. If I have added you as a friend, I may also tag you. I always use my discretion and you are welcome to share, tag, download and/or copy these images too.


Specifications for image formats and file sizes

All final edited images are processed individually. The images are generally supplied as full-size jpegs. Please advise if you have a requirement for images to be supplied in a different format. There is generally no additional charge for the supply of images in a different format provided that information is detailed prior to the commencement of the photography. The files can be read by both PC and Mac systems.


Final Editing

Editing will be finished to Maria Kuny’s creative discretion as agreed in the initial contract; any additional changes or Photoshop editing required after completion will incur an additional cost.


Limit of Liability

In the unlikely event that Maria Kuny Photography is injured, ill or experiences an emergency which prevents her from attending the photographic session, she will make every effort to reschedule your session. If this is not possible, Maria Kuny Photography will refund your deposit in full.


Storage & Archiving

Please be aware that photographs in their high-resolution format take up considerable storage space. Once you have received your final edited images, I will keep your high-resolution images on my hard disc storage facilities for no more than 6 months. I highly suggest you create a backup of your images once you receive them.

Thanks for choosing Maria Kuny Photography. I look forward to creating wonderful memories with you.

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