Capture every chapter of your family’s life.

I'll make every family member feel comfortable enough to be themselves, so their personalities shine through in every shot.

My approach to family photography is to create timeless and elegant portraits that represent each family as they see themselves.


My number 1 most important tip about clothing choices: Please do not match. Do NOT wear all the same color shirts. How do you choose your colors? You can start with what looks good on you (or your children) and also consider your background!  Green grass, the color of the trees (changes by season). Also don’t forget to consider where you plan to display these portraits in the home. Planning on purchasing wall portraits? Consider coordinating with the colors in the rooms where you will display the portraits! Select a wardrobe for the family that has pieces that all coordinate with each other. Test out your selections by laying everyone’s outfits out on your bed.

Bring something your little one really like to eat, a biscuit, snack, haribo bears you know best. Try to avoid chocolate as this will stain and live and marks all over the face.


Also consider bringing:  Hair accessories, flowers, scarves, jewelry, jackets, hats and boots are great! These fun little details can add personality and bring a unique look to your photos!


My photo studio is located in Affoltern am Albis and it offers a variety of props and backgrounds. 

I love to shoot families when the sun is working to my advantage. In summer this means evenings work best, but in the spring and fall, both early mornings and evenings may be possible! 

I love to shoot in a variety of settings and have favorite spots always picked out, and am finding new locations constantly. If you have a certain preference as to location setting, I will do my best to accommodate that.The studio is appropriate for up to families of 6 and after that I would recommend an outdoor session.

The studio is full of props, blankets, backdrops, toys, and much more. If you have a certain idea of what you would like for your shoot, then please let me know and we can try and re-create it.

Get in touch to book your family portraits! I’d love to photograph you and the people you love the most very soon.